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  • Patricks Marketing Solutions with Impact


    Integrated Marketing
    Delivering Marketing Solutions with IMPACT for over 130 years…
    By utilising The Patricks Group Power, significant benefits become clear.

    • All or part of the Groups' services may be accessed by its clients as required
    • Committed to conducting our business in accordance with the highest standard of business ethics and human rights.
    • Working in this combined way delivers continuity of staff, services, reporting and fulfillment.
    • Amalgamating these services result in immediate bottom line cost savings to our clients.
    • Speed of service and reliability of quality of service is guaranteed when working with the same expert team.
    • Marketing solutions used in, for example: print management can be carried through promotional directions and across company departments allowing streamlining of logos and administrative efficiencies.
    • Recommendations for improvements in marketing and fulfillment can be made as part of the solution process when working closely with our clients.

    Customer Product Creation and Merchandising
    The Patricks “Think Tank” jumps into overdrive with every challenge.

    Ideas, product, materials, delivery time, safety, health, packaging, disbursement and usage by the end user, are all taken into consideration once a client brief is received.

    Product Creation is an important part of our promotional marketing solutions. Just as all our clients have their own special niche in the marketplace so must their promotion reflect their uniqueness.

    At Patricks we strongly believe in creativity to set our clients apart from their competition. This includes the product, its presentation, packaging, and its arrival. Patricks also assist with recommended pricing and store positioning and display, as required.

    Graphic and Design Service
    Creative design or concept, illustration artwork or finished artwork, typesetting or film and print production, adjustments to artwork can all be supplied through the Patricks Group. Utilising the latest in graphic software and cutting-edge digital reproduction technology that is second to none. Think of our graphic designers as image consultants who will assist you in creating a consistent and professional look across all printed products and

    Promotional Products Work!
    Incorporating promotional products into your marketing and promotions campaigns all but guarantees successful results. As one of the most effective and cost-efficient tools available, the sky is the only limit to where and how they can be used.

    Attached is an alphabetic listing of some of the more than 15,000 promotional products available to you. Please click on the products of interest on our website and they will take you to product pages that will expand these headings to assist you with your selections. If you are ready to order you can go directly to our online stores where you can purchase promotional products from the 1000’s of choices readily available.

    Our professional and experienced staff can assist you from the beginning. Selection of the right products for that specific event, function or promo tailored to your unique style and budget. Decisions on artwork, typesetting and adjustments are made to suit the selected products. Advice on decoration for specific products is given so that the decoration maximizes your marketing potential. Production is then managed and co-coordinated through our quality control department and to fulfillment requirements.

    Print Management
    Printing has always been a large part of the manufacturing at the Patricks Group. Over 130 years of innovations and expansion has seen constant change and new innovations pioneered in this division. The sound knowledge and experience that has been gained over the years by our staff in managing 'the print' required by our clients is unsurpassed.

    Patricks staff thrive on the challenges offered to improve our clients printing requirements. This includes implementing systems to standardise print within organizations, centralise buying and designs, reducing our clients costs by implementing efficiencies of scale.

    Patricks has a specialised team that are dedicated to gain the precise results needed for our clients. Our buying power ensures results at the right price and time to fulfill the needs of our clients expectations and results.

    Total Fulfillment Solutions
    Once your promotional products and or print services are completed they need to be assembled, packaged, gift wrapped, included in hampers, shipped in bulk. Packaging, distribution and movement solutions are streamlined by using The Patricks Group to coordinate these phases smoothly and efficiently.

    By managing your entire project, you can breath easy knowing that Patricks have the fulfillment in hand. Detailed reporting is given during and or after the completion of each assignment including any returns that need to be administered.

    Build your Online Store
    The effectiveness and strategic importance of merchandise programs is increasingly being realised, and so is the struggle of the challenge to be contemporary with it. The selection, production, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution of merchandise can create inefficiencies and cost, creating hurdles jeopardizing the reason for the program. Patricks can solve these inefficiencies by ensuring the project is fully managed in-house.

    Patricks has the solution using E-commerce efficiency. Combining our creativity, proven experience and dedicated staff it is a simple step to create the virtual store featuring your products and that special design and packaging you want.

    Once you choose that special design for your site we do the rest. Updates, security, stock holding, reports and distribution are seamlessly dealt with.

    So why not get rid of the clutter and replace it with a click.


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